Language School

Learn German with us

If you want to study and/or work in Berlin but don’t have the required language proficiency, come to Gerandu and you can be sure that you will get the individual support that you need. Work your way up to the next language level in only 6 weeks! Our courses cover all the levels from A1-C1.


Do you already have an accommodation or are you still in search of a nice place to stay?

For all those, who haven’t yet found a place to call their new home in Berlin, we have a solution: Book an accommodation in our apartments in Prenzlauer Berg or Tiergarten. We offer single as well as double rooms. The minimal stay is 3 weeks. If you want to learn more, please click on Book a course.


What do you know about insurances?

In Germany it is mandatory to conclude certain insurances to protect you from financial harm. Organizing and handling insurances can be quite complicated, so we offer to take care of this for you.

Conditional Letter of Acceptance

In many countries in South America, Asia and Africa you need to get a conditional letter of acceptance first to be granted a student visa. Getting a conditional letter of acceptance is not always that easy but thanks to our experience and connections to several German universities we can offer you guidance and help you with it.

Extra Services

We help you with the organization of your every-day life

For your every-day life, we offer you a German sim-card for your mobile phone, a taxi drive application as well as a pick-up service from or to the airport. If you need help opening a bank account, be sure we will assist you with that.

Test Center

We are happy to announce, that very soon we will be a certified test center.

In other words, soon you will be able to take the TELC exam at our school which means you won’t have to wait for a free exam sheet in a different school. A TELC certificate is important if you want to study at a German university and can also be a big plus when looking for a job.